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We salute our health care heroes

Nurses have taken a leading role during the pandemic, working on the frontline and advocating for their patient’s needs.
They have compromised their safety and have sacrificed time with their family and friends to take care of us all.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, frontline healthcare workers have been working tirelessly, with their own needs often neglected.
Caring for the Covid-19 patients have taken its toll on the physical, mental and emotional health of the frontline staff.
Despite this, nurses continue to support each other in their work, of which they feel proud.
As nurses have done so much to get us through this pandemic, we’d like to support their resilience with our recognition and gratitude.
We salute nurses everywhere, remember that a simple thank you could make a nurse’s day by showing that you notice their hard work.
This year, the greatest gift we can give our nurses is to stay safe by adhering to all the preventive measures of social distancing, wearing a mask and regularly washing our hands so that we can avoid overloading our hospitals.
You can also post a special message of thanks on social media to brighten up a nurse’s day.

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