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Best place to take out-of-towners: Emperors Palace

Emperors Palace is renowned for entertainment, unique hotels, the finest dining options and much more. For five years Emperors Palace has scooped the award for Best Place to Take Out -Of-Towers in the Best of Ekurhuleni awards, as well as the Best Entertainment Destination for Parties and a Night Out award.

In order to celebrate businesses that have won awards five years in a row at the Best of Ekurhuleni awards, we had the honour and privilege to sit down with Clive Tavener, general manager of Emperors Palace, and discussed how they have evolved over the past year, and this is what he had to say:

“We’ve learned to evolve technologically and use innovation to stay ahead of the game, but still provide top-notch service. The pandemic has ushered us into a new norm and new way of life.”

How do you feel about winning five years in a row at the Best of Ekurhuleni awards?

It feels great. To be able to be a constant in the lives of our guests and helping them make memories is what we strive for. Winning the BOE so many times is a testament to how our employees strive to provide the best service and a great experience. We pride ourselves on being an entertainment destination that caters to everyone and through variety and treating our visitors like family is what sets us apart from the competition.

How long has your business been around?

Emperors Palace has been around since 1998, so this year we’re turning 23.

What can you do to ensure the health and safety of your workforce?

The health of our employees is a priority and we’ve made sure we comply with all the health and safety protocols to provide peace of mind.

What product/ services do you offer?

Emperors Palace is a hotel, casino and conferencing resort that supplies fun and excitement for everyone.

What is your message to consumers in support of your business and the importance of shopping local?

Support local businesses where you can. As long as we adhere to the basic health protocols we can beat Covid-19.

Are live streams working for musicians during this unprecedented time?

Definitely. Emperors Palace has invested in a new broadcast studio (Studio Iris) to assist with all areas of business to share their message.


A visit to this spot is sure to leave you refreshed and wanting to return for more fun with your family and friends.


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