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Cookbooks to get you through the pandemic.

During the extensive lockdown, there was no excuse not to try out new recipes. And since people didn’t want to keep eating the same thing over and over again, many families spent time trying new dishes.

If you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen or trying new, delicious recipes, here are some cookbooks to add to your collection:


  • The Lazy Makoti’s Guide to the Kitchen

The Lazy Makoti’s Guide to the Kitchen, by Mogau Seshoene, is aimed at bringing fun into the kitchen and taking all the pressure and intimidation out of preparing a show-stopping meal. Within you’ll find recipes that cover everything from breakfasts to massive Sunday lunches.

You can follow her on Instagram for more recipes –


  • Veg by Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s Veg includes a host of exciting and versatile vegetarian dishes, celebrating every season of fresh produce and proving that dishes don’t have to be meaty to be vibrant fun and delicious.

Check out this link for more about the book and for some of the terrific recipes features within:

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