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The way we socialise and connect looks very different these days

Over the last year, we have had to change old habits and adapt to a new norm.

So what does a new normal looks likes?

  • People have been unable to attend large gatherings such as concerts, festivals and sports events. As the restrictions have eased and people have been allowed to move more freely, they still need to wear masks, sanitise regularly and practise social distancing.
  • With strict travel restrictions in place, visiting loved ones overseas has become a bit challenging. As a result, people have had to make do with online catch-ups.
  • Social interaction has changed. People are no longer shaking hands and hugging one another in greeting. These friendly gestures have been replaced by elbow bumps, hand waves and foot shaking.
  • Instead of overseas holidays, people are traveling local or planning day outings to nearby places of interest.

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