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How the pandemic has changed our exercise habits

Many people who weren’t fitness fanatics prior to Covid-19 now seem to be getting into running, yoga and other activities as a way to stay fit and cope with lockdown.

Regular exercise is good for your health. Although it might take time to get into a new fitness routine, here are some suggestions to help you get moving:

  • Exercise with family. This is an opportunity for family fun. Walks, dance parties, backyard soccer games are just few examples of how you and your family can exercise together
  • Follow online exercise videos. Whether you enjoy yoga, cardio, kickboxing or any other type of workout, there are plenty of online videos to aid you.
  • Tackle calorie-burning chores such as mowing the lawn, working in the garden, washing your car or cleaning out the garage. These activities provide excellent opportunities to build muscles and burn calories.

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