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How restaurants are adapting to changes caused by the pandemic.

With strict regulations in place, restaurants have always followed strict health guidelines, but now is the time to double their efforts for the good of their customers and employees.

Here are some of the changes many restaurants have implemented due to Covid-19:

  • Many restaurants have changed the layout to allow for social distancing between customers. Some restaurants have also introduced drive-through and home delivery options.
  • Some restaurants have avoided sharing items such as physical menus and now use digital menus.
  • Restaurants have asked customers and employees to exchange cash or cards by placing them on a receipt tray or on the counter to avoid hand-to-hand contact.
  • Some establishments are providing physical guidelines, such as tape on floors or sidewalks, to ensure that customers remain at least 1,5m apart . There are also lots of signs in place to remind customers to wear their masks and sanitise their hands.
  • Eateries are using technological options where possible to reduce direct interaction.


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