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Benefits and disadvantages of home-schooling

Aside from adapting to working from home, one of the other major challenges parents faced during lockdown was home-schooling.

Unfortunately home-schooling is not convenient for everyone and it meant a huge lifestyle change for many households.

When it comes to home-schooling, parents take on the role of the teacher and need to make sure lessons are completed and all the requirements are met.

Home-schooling comes with its own costs, such as making sure you have the right text books and buying stationery and other supplies.

When it comes to learning from home, your child will no longer be in a standard school environment and it will cause changes to a family’s daily routine. Time management is an important factor to focus on here as daily chores, errands and doctor’s appointments will need to be scheduled and structured around your home-schooling plan.

If your child is struggling with a subject, it is important not to just skip it and move on. Instead you must work closely with your child until they have mastered the work. Home-schooling gives you the time to ensure your child is keeping up with their studies.

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