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How to reduce food wastage

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, it has made us take stock of our lives and change our lifestyles. It has also changed the way we shop for groceries, as well as the way we store food in order to make it last longer and reduce wastage.

Aside from shopping wisely, here are some other tips to keep in mind to reduce food wastage:

  • For those of us who may usually take a full cupboard for granted, it’s important to remember that there are those who are not as fortunate. With this in mind you should donate to those in need and help out your local communities.
  • To reduce food wastage it is important to simply buy what you need and store the food correctly so it doesn’t spoil easily.
  • Buy local. Don’t forget to support the smaller, independent retail outlets. Like big supermarkets, these stores are often well-stocked and the staff members go above and beyond in helping the community.
  • Consider growing your own fruit and vegetables.

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