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Garden tasks for May

Whether you regard May as the end of autumn or the beginning of winter, make the most of its fine weather to fill the garden with colourful winter flowers.

• For sunny winter beds, take your pick from a colourful range of bedding plants: alyssum, dianthus, diascia, pansies, calendula, Iceland poppies, petunias, gazanias, nemesia, tocks,
snapdragons and violas. For semishade there’s nothing better than the fairy primula.

• Quick-growing annuals such as Namaqualand daisies, nemesia, linaria and Virginian stocks can still be sown.

• To keep up a non-stop display of flowers, feed young bedding plants with a liquid fertiliser after planting and then every two weeks after that throughout the season.

• Water newly planted annuals at least twice a week until they are established and after that at least once a week in dry winter areas.

• In areas where there is no winter rainfall, water spring flowering bulbs every four days for 40 minutes, and perennials, spring-flowering shrubs like azaleas and camellias and
climbers once a week.

• Cut down cannas and other summer perennials that have finished flowering.

• Lawns that go dormant in winter like kikuyu only need watering once or twice a month. Evergreen lawns should be watered and fed more regularly.

• In dry areas, water vegetables regularly and every two weeks feed leafy vegetables with a nitrogen-rich liquid fertiliser.

• For a good supply of herbs like thyme, origanum, marjoram, parsley and sage, plant some extra plants in pots and keep them in a sunny corner that is sheltered from cold wind and frost.

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