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The myths and facts about vaping

Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking.
Although the public has started to see vaping in a new light, there are often misconceptions surrounding it.
Here are some myths and facts according to the Vapour Product Association.

Myth: Vaping produces second-hand smoke.
Fact: Vape pens and vaporisers do not produce any smoke. Unlike cigarettes and cigars that do when the tobacco is burned, vaping heats a liquid which produces vapour which is not harmful to the environment or others.

Myth: Vaping gets you high
Fact: If you inhale a few too many sharp hits when you’re just getting into vaping, then you may feel a nicotine buzz.
This will wear off as your body adjusts to vaping, but if you’re regularly feeling ‘high’ from it, that’s probably because you’re overloading your body with nicotine.
This isn’t a good idea, and it’s not recommended to vape with the intention of flooding yourself with chemicals – vape responsibly.

Myth: Dark e-liquids stain your teeth.
Fact: It’s an easy conclusion to make when filling your device with chocolate or coffee flavoured e-liquids that you will stain your teeth.
However, there is no evidence to suggest that e-liquids will stain your teeth. If you are feeling particularly paranoid, you could switch to a clear e-liquid, but coffee itself is more likely to make your teeth discoloured.

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