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Useful body care tips and tricks

When you make your own beauty and personal care products, you know exactly what goes into everything you make.
There are certain effective home remedies that will help you obtain the best results.

• A saltwater solution will help reduce swelling and give your face a fresh look. Make concentrated salt water, soak a towel in the solution, and apply it to your face for 10 minutes.
• Homemade moisturiser. Mix together half a cup coconut oil, one teaspoon vitamin E oil and six drops of lavender essential oil or essential tea tree oil. Apply this moisturiser to your skin.
• Use olive oil to get glowing and moisturised skin. Massaging your face with olive oil helps to make your skin clean, soft and smooth. Steam your face, and then massage the oil into your face for about seven minutes. To achieve the best results, repeat the procedure every four to five days.
• Scar smoothing dab. Use the juice of one lemon or fresh tomato and a cotton ball for easy application. Juice one of these ingredients and use a cotton ball to soak it up. Next, dab the juice on scarred skin and let the juice soak in. Let it dry, then go to bed without rinsing until morning.
• Make your lips appear fuller with oil and a toothbrush. Apply any cosmetic oil to your lips such as almond oil, or regular lip balm. Then take a soft toothbrush, and rub gently on your lips for one minute.
• Honey can help reduce inflammation and get rid of acne. Apply some honey on the acne, and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water. This method will help you reduce the size of a pimple and make it less noticeable so that you can easily hide it with makeup.
• Baking soda can help get rid of ingrown hairs. In a small bowl, mix one teaspoon of baking soda, one teaspoon of ground oatmeal and one tablespoon of water. Stir well until you get a thick paste. Apply the mixture to the skin, and let it sit for five minutes. Then rinse with hot water.

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