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Ain’t no love like puppy love

Show your furry four-legged companion how much they mean to you, this Love Your Pet Day.

Let’s share Valentine’s Day, and the whole month of love, with our dogs and cats. It goes without saying that our pets are our number one fans; always having a hug and slobbery kiss ready. It’s only fitting then that Love Your Pet Day falls on February 20, an entire day dedicated to the unconditional love shared between pet and pet parent.

“While you don’t need just one special day to show your furry bundle of joy how much you love him or her, some extended playtime here, an extra snuggle there, and perhaps a shiny new toy, goes a long way in reminding your pet how much they mean to you” said pet behaviour expert Marycke Ackhurst from Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

So, what are some of the ways you can celebrate your pet this Love Your Pet Day? Ackhurst has the following suggestions:

Retail therapy – Does your dog need a new leash and collar? How about a shiny new ball? Perhaps, your cat needs a new toy mouse or some catnip? Gifting your pet with something new is a great way to celebrate them.

Look good, feel good – Nothing like a fresh hair cut to have you feeling like you can take on the world. Well, our pets like a bit of grooming every now and then too. Take your dog to the parlour; there they’ll bath him, dry him, brush him and trim his nails. While most cats won’t take as kindly to a spa day, why not give your kitty a nice, relaxing brush at home?

Time together – One of the best ways to spend time with your dog is by playing and exercising with him. Go for a long walk, stop at the park and play some catch. Cats love playing games too; any feathery toys, scratch posts, or even a good, old box, will bring out the kitten in them and expend any pent-up energy.

Get social – Selfie time! There’s no doubt that photos of cute pets get tons of likes on social media. Upload a picture of you and your pet and watch the likes roll in.

Volunteer at your local shelter – You don’t have to have a pet to love pets. Why not celebrate Love Your Pet Day by visiting a nearby animal shelter? Spend time with the dogs and cats looking for their forever home. It will make you, and them, feel good.

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