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The city’s most delectable fish and chips

Crispy and comforting – when well done, a plate of traditional fish and chips is simply irresistible. These five fast-food restaurants are the go-to place for a serving of the city’s finest fish and chips.


5. Fish and Chips Co.

Whether you’re craving hake and chips, russians or a fish burger – our current favourite place for all things fish and chips is undoubtedly the Fish and Chips Company. This spot nails all the essentials when it comes to quality fish and chips;  a crisp, golden crust, thick-cut chips and excellent value for money. Not only that, but they also offer a wide selection of tasty meals to choose from. Scattered in different locations across the city, the friendly take-away franchise has established itself as an affordable go-to fish and chips spot for many of the city’s locals.


4. Jimmy’s Killer Fish and Chips

Jimmy’s Killer Fish & Chips is a scaled down version of Jimmy’s Killer Prawns, and is geared for the take-away & take home market. The focus on their menu is seafood items with a limited range of sandwiches, rolls & meat items. Their menu is very simple and thoroughly researched, but still in keeping with their customer’s needs & preferences.

Expect crispy, tasty chips and delicious white fish, encased in a delicate batter. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon, and you’ve got yourself summer on a plate.


3. Fishaways 

Whether you prefer a tasty, wholesome fillet of hake or mouth-watering sea delicacies like calamari and prawns, Fishaways promises unparalleled quality and flavour – fried or grilled. The fast-food restaurant has been around for quite some time; serving the most flavoursome seafood and chips. What’s also great about Fishaways is that they allow you to order your food online, adding convenience and value for money to their offering.

What are you waiting for? Order something.


2. John Dory’s

This Durban-born franchise is famous for its great selection of SASSI-approved fish and generous meals to suit every palate. Located at Boksburg’s East Point Shopping Centre, John Dory’s offers a delectable offering of calamari dishes, prawns and generous food portions at a reasonable price.

Try their tempura-battered or grilled Bassa fillet and chips.

Click here to explore their menu.



1. Ocean Basket


Anyone who’s planning a seafood extravaganza knows to head to Ocean Basket, voted the city’s best fish deli. Not only does this store adhere to SASSI guidelines but also offers an exceptional sushi selection as well as all the scrumptious items you need to make your seafood at home.


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