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Intimate matters: Finding the perfect Bra

Bras are probably the most important piece of apparel you own and shopping for them can be quite, well let’s say… intimate. Whilst cheek and revealing underwear with frilly lace or soft satin are the most sought by many women – finding these in the right style and fit can be quite an adventure.

Bra fitters acknowledge how difficult the bra shopping experience can be, as well as all the bottled-up questions women are often too shy to ask, of which they hold all the answers too. So, we head out to speak to bra fitters in Ekurhuleni to gather all the things one needs to consider when shopping for the perfect bra.

1. Pokey wires and painful straps are a sure sign that you’re wearing the incorrect style or size.

Painful straps are normally an indication that your band size isn’t working, or that the style is totally wrong. When you’re in a well-fitted bra, you should hardly feel your straps at all. This is why experts stress the importance of finding the right fit – which implies trying on different styles, and maybe going up or down a size, depending on how it feels. It is recommended that you go for a fitting at least once a year to make sure your bra fits comfortably, and correctly. While most women have emphasised how embarrassing it is to ask for help when shopping for undies, wearing an ill-fitting bra is far more embarrassing. So ask! It’s not often that you will have to.


2. If you fasten your bra on the last set of hooks, your back band isn’t properly fitted.

Your bra’s back band does a vast majority of the work, so it’s important to ensure that it properly supports your breasts. Having to constantly pull your bra down or adjust it as it shifts up and down all day shows that it’s way too big. You’re wearing the incorrect size!

Another way to tell if your bra’s back band is too big is to see if it fits well when fastened on the last set of hooks, if not – you best believe it’s not your fit. The back band of your bra should be firmly placed on your body – ensuring both comfort and support.


 3. The emphasis is on the quality.

Not all bras are created the same, so it’s essential to think quality and not quantity when shopping for the intimates. The life expectancy of an average bra is about a year, depending on the wear and care.  Focus on building a collection of good, high-quality bras. It’s not about the number of sexy bras you own –but rather about how well these look and fit on you.


4. Found the perfect bra? Great, now wear it properly…

Once you have your perfectly fitted bra in hand, you need to know how to wear it properly. ‘Swoop and Scoop’, the experts say.  Position your breasts into the cups to ensure they’re in the right position.  The best way to do this is to lean forward into your bra, fasten the hooks and then scoop your breast tissue up and away from the wire.


Fun facts; Did you know that:

  • The tiny bow that appears between the cups of most bras is a relic of sixteenth and seventeenth century stomachers.
  • There’s a bra that doubles as a gas mask in the event of an emergency.
  • In the absence of sports bras, women playing tennis at Wimbledon in 1887 competed in metal corsets, which were so stabby that they often ended up covered in blood by the end of a match.
  • The size on ones breasts changes and fluctuates throughout the year, and most women have one breast that’s bigger than the other.


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