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Outdoor family adventures in Ekurhuleni

The city of Ekurhuleni encompasses the vibrancy of Gauteng – boasting a diverse heritage, numerous attractions and a tranquil urban scene. Ekurhuleni is home to a sizeable number of communities which all contribute to making this city the tourism destination of choice.

We’ve rounded up four of the best destinations for the ultimate outdoor outing for the entire family in Ekurhuleni.


Explore the city’s Wild Waters

Boksburg’s Wild Waters is a wonderful venue to take the whole family for a day’s outing.

The venue is packed with fun activities, ranging from exciting water slides, putt-putt courses, obstacles and eateries. Pack a picnic basket, take your towels and prepare the family for a day of fun.

There are braai areas and, if you’re not in the mood for preparing your own food, there are restaurants and take-away spots in-and-around the venue. Free-to-use facilities include changing rooms and lockers for your personal items.


Enjoy a round of adventure golf at Stoneridge Centre

Stoneridge Centre is characterised by an abundance of light and air, making it an inviting shopping venue for a fabulous day trip with family and friends. The exciting venue also has an exhilarating golfing facility, food area and pool or foosball tables.

Stoneridge’s exciting maze of intricately laid out putting obstacles comprises of flowing waterways, shaded log overhangs, rose gardens and exotic plants interlaced with stunning greenery. As the evening lights come on – the venue takes the look and feel of a theme park. There are three golf courses at this venue, each comprising of nine fun holes to complete the putting and golfing experience. These courses take about 30 minutes to complete. Added entertainment facilities include and pizzeria and an outdoor relaxing area to create a hub of all things cool.

For more information regarding this exciting venue, visit www.adventuregolf.co.za.


Paraglide into the horizon

The take-off is exhilarating… a line is fixed to the harness and the paraglider is towed into the air by a winch mechanism on the back of a vehicle. As soon as the paraglider reaches a good high, the line is released and the flight begins.

Paragliding Adventures runs a service from the Dunnottar Winch Park where they offer tandem paragliding flights and powered paragliding courses.

You can book a tandem flight for about R500 and a team of helpful and friendly staff will help get your adrenalin rushing.

Once in the air, the pilot will try to keep you flying for as long as possible. The view is amazing and the flight is almost perfectly quiet, making it really possible to have a conversation with the pilot. Of all the flying adventures in Gauteng, this is regarded one of the safest and most affordable paragliding destinations worth trying.


Soar over land with Microlight Adventures

Microlight Adventures offers local and international visitors the opportunity to see the land, and breathe in the crisp air as they soar high up over the fauna and flora of South Africa.

The exquisite flights are conducted by Ekurhuleni’s seasoned aviators, and visitors are given the choice of two different microlights. One is a 3-Axis Cheetah, which is an enclosed two-seater plane, while the other is the open-cockpit Aquilla, which is also a two-seater craft. The latter microlight gives the passenger the opportunity to feel free and unhindered, soaring through the air and enjoying breath-taking views.

The views of the East Rand and the magnificent Highveld are incredible, and are best enjoyed from these elevated heights. Features include the farmlands, mountains, hills and dams.

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