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2017’s hottest hair trend

This year is shaping up to be a wild one when it comes to the latest hair trend – holographic hair.
It all started with holographic nails and soon the colours have spread to various items of clothing, accessories and now even hair.

What makes it holographic is the multidimensional effect that makes it appear as though it could change colours depending on which angle you view it from.
By mixing blond shades with pastel lavender, baby pink and bright blue hairstylists are able to get the desirable metallic holographic effect.

The best thing about this look is you can have the colours as subtle or as vibrant as you want. Change it up by adding complimentary colours like green, or by adding the colours in larger block sections.
Unfortunately, in order for rainbow shades to look holographic on the hair, the client must have a light hair colour like blond or grey, so know that before heading to the salon.

Already, there are is flurry of posts on social media with people showing off their freshly dyed locks.
It’s important to note that a dye job with this many shades can do a bit of damage to your locks if you don’t care for it properly. So, make sure to always use a shampoo and conditioner that’s made specifically for colour treated hair.

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