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Tackling the hairy problem of shedding

The commencement of summer probably comes with your fur baby shedding hair around the house.

Despite the nuisance, especially with breeds prone to shedding, it can be dealt with and you can focus on loving them while enjoying a clean home.

Here are four tips how to deal with the hair.

Brush your pet daily
Brushing your animal helps to remove detached fur before it actually sheds and sticks to your carpets and furniture. Use a brush suited for your pet’s breed.
A bristle brush works best for shorthaired animals.
A rake brush works well for those with long hair.
A pin brush can be used for pets with wavy fur.
You can ask your local pet store for special brushes for animals with excessive shedding problems.

Increase the moisture in your pet’s diet
Pets that lack moisture in their diets are more likely to shed hair. Feed your pet high quality pet food, packed with nutrients. You can add a fatty acid supplement to their food.
Foods like melon, green beans or carrots are great, healthy snacks you can feed them in moderation.
Bathe your pet regularly during the summer
Invest in a good anti-shedding shampoo and conditioner for your animal. Use your judgement to determine the regularity you bath your pets by considering these factors:
• Their breed.
• How much time they spend outside versus inside.
• If they love to play in the dirt, mud or puddles.

Keep the vacuum cleaner and lint roller at hand
While prevention is better than cure, you can only control this issue, not completely prevent it and the chances are that some hair is going to pop up here and there. However, vacuuming regularly should get rid of it. Try making it a habit to cover your couch with a blanket or sheet before inviting your pet to cuddle with you.
If you make a small effort to carry out this routine, shedding should not be something difficult to handle. Considering the companionship and love your animal gives you in return it is not too much to ask.
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