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A sushi bar fit for the movies

There are some things that Hollywood filmmakers just love to over-romanticise, such as proms, skinny pumpkin lattés, vampire romances and … sushi dates!
It is often portrayed as glamorous when movie characters hook up in a sushi bar to talk about their personal lives or hold important business meetings, all the while handling their chopsticks with flair and sophistication. In reality, however, the sushi bar association is a far quieter experience as you awkwardly sit around the conveyor belt waiting for your preference to make its appearance. It really is more about the food than the atmosphere and, mostly, you end up opting for a take-away.
However, we recently experienced a sushi sanctuary right here in Ekurhuleni which affirmatively offers the very allure depicted in the movies! Winner of the Best of Ekurhuleni Sushi Restaurant of the Year, Yamitsuki did not only impress us with delicious cuisine, but its stylish décor, cosy ambiance and splendid service added to an overall delightful lunching experience.

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The menu consists of a wide selection of fresh sushi, sushi platters and other Japanese dishes. Those who do not eat sushi can choose from a selection of scrumptious dishes from the grill, including chicken, steak, seafood and burgers.

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Dylan Kent, MD, says “Over our 15 year journey we are honored to have served more than 5 million customers. The store offers a unique experience to customers that must be tried, with a warm atmosphere and caring serving, it’s as if you can feel the love.”

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The Caxton East and South Digital team offers the following reviews about Yamitsuki:
Carmen Norton: “I have eaten vegetable California rolls at a number of restaurants, but Yamitsuki definitely serve the best. The avocado in the California roll was fresh and creamy. And, the staff were so attentive.”
Daniel Seleme: “A colour-filled experience of taste and unique setting, flamed by unique service.”
Tanya Bester: “I was thoroughly impressed by the fresh and tasty sushi at Yamitsuki. A great vibe and a number of intriguingly unique items on the menu will definitely have me going back.”

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Don’t just take our word for it. Make a date to feast at Yamitsuki and see for yourself! The restaurant is situated at 55 van Buuren Road, Bedfordview.

Phone: 011 455 0380
Email: [email protected]
Deliveries: 086 117 8744

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Something different, enjoy a refreshing coconut juice with your sushi!


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